What we do

Fitvoice is a technology-assisted voice care service. We offer voice care and voice coaching services for organisations and individuals. Our focus is on vocal health maintenance and disorder prevention for occupational and professional voice users, as well as on improvement of vocal expression, voice quality and voice projection.

Prevention & improvement

Voice competence

Our team has qualifications in voice therapy as well as acting and vocal coaching and we are committed to provide evidence-based voice care. Our strong commitment to evidence-based approaches is facilitated through research links with the renowned CASL research centre at QMU Edinburgh.

An important characteristic of our approach is the integration of acoustic analysis into voice care. Our smartphone app allows remote voice support with minimal effort and can enhance regularity, effectiveness, accuracy and motivation for voice care and coaching.

Acoustic analysis

Customised care

We run voice workshops of varying lengths for organisations and individuals, either as one-offs or as part of a longer-term voice care strategy that we develop in collaboration with our customers. We also offer individual voice coaching sessions, either face to face or through video call. Voice care packages usually combine workshops, voice coaching sessions and remote voice support.

Please get in contact if you want to know more about our offers!