Tess Whittaker

Tess is a professionally trained actor, voice coach, voice over artist, and Speech and Language Therapist. She is a co-founder of fitvoice and an executive director. Tess is an active member of the Voice Care Network, the British Voice Association and the British Stammering Association. She is a committee member for the East of Scotland General Branch of Equity, the actors union. Tess' role within fitvoice is to lead the voice care team. She is the primary contact for our clients, creates tailor-made vocal advice and delivers it through various channels, including 1:1 sessions via video link. She also has a pivotal role in facilitating and maintaining stakeholder engagement. Tess is an effective and enthusiastic communicator who enjoys motivating and encouraging others.


Felix Schaeffler

Felix is a co-founder of fitvoice and an executive director. He is a speech scientist with more than 20 years of research experience on various aspects of the human voice. He has collaborated with colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds, and has worked in Germany, Sweden, and Scotland. His expert areas include digital acoustic voice analysis, prosody of speech and the interaction of linguistic and non-linguistic aspects in the generation of the human speech signal. His duties within fitvoice include strategic planning, R&D and Finance. Felix is a creative problem-solver and enthusiastic team-worker who enjoys leading a team towards common goals and visions.


Matthias Eichner

Matthias is a software engineer with a background in natural language processing and music information retrieval. He is one of the co-founders and an executive director of fitvoice. He holds a number of patents and has published various articles in the field of signal processing and data modelling. Matthias is passionate about technology and enjoys working with people from diverse backgrounds. His role at fitvoice is to design and maintain the IT infrastructure as well as implementing, developing and enhancing the algorithms for acoustic analysis.


Janet Beck

Janet Beck is a speech and language therapist (SLT) and academic with 30 years of experience in teaching and research. Her clinical and research career has been motivated by a fascination in the role of voice quality in communication and in the causes and impact of voice disorder. She has published extensively on various aspects of voice quality and voice disorder and is a co-author of the “Vocal Profile Analysis Scheme”, a phonetic tool for voice analysis that has had significant international impact in facilitating both phonetic research and clinical assessment. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists in recognition of her contribution to SLT education and professional development. Janet is a co-founder of fitvoice and a non-executive director. She works in an advisory capacity with the front of house operation, using her clinical expertise and knowledge to support the service.