About fitvoice

Fitvoice C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company based in Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland. Fitvoice offers a technology-enabled, smartphone-assisted voice care service for occupational voice users – teachers, lecturers, actors, fitness instructors – anybody, really, who relies on their voice for their work. Have a look at our ‘What we do’ section to understand more about the details of our service. Fitvoice C.I.C. was a finalist of the Converge Challenge 2015, in the Social Enterprise category.

Why a Community Interest Company?

The Co-Founders of fitvoice have decided that a Community Interest Company (CIC) is the best vehicle for our ideas and aims.

Being a CIC involves two main things: stating your community aims in your articles, and adhering to an asset lock.

Our community aims describe a clear commitment to the voice user community and voice care research, while a main effect of the asset lock is that we have to clearly state what we do with our profits.

We have decided that 50% of our profits should go to research and translational projects addressing communication difficulties and unmet communication needs, in collaboration with Queen Margaret University’s CASL Research Centre, 33% of profits remain in the company as cash reserve, working capital and for our own R&D, and 17% can be used for dividends under current C.I.C. regulations.

This setup will allow us to serve the voice user community, make a difference to people’s vocal health and support the evidence base for voice care intervention. It will also help to create a sustainable business where the founders can be directors and receive a salary and which has potential to persist in the long run without major external funding. CIC’s are controlled by the CIC regulator who oversees a range of rules and regulations that are specific to CIC’s. For example, the CIC rules state that directors’ salaries should be reasonable and transparent. The regulator can take action if the directors’ salaries of a CIC are deemed too high.


What we stand for:


We want to significantly reduce prevalence of occupational voice disorders and problems and help voice users unlock the full potential of their voices


We want to be a main provider of preventative voice care in Scotland, the UK and beyond


We want to be a company that deserves the trust of the voice user community and provides accessible, affordable and evidence-based services.

Interested in what we are doing?

Please contact us here or email info@fitvoice.co.uk